Wideband Spectrum Analysis with rtl_power_fftw and Qspectrum Analyzer

Install Tight VNC server & desktop environment

(to make a “display” for the headless Dreamcather board)

apt install task-lxde-desktop                  (note: about 200MByte)

apt install xfonts-base

apt install tightvncserver

Update system and install rtl_power_fftw

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

sudo apt-get install libfftw3-dev libtclap-dev

git clone git://github.com/AD-Vega/rtl-power-fftw

cd rtl-power-fftw

mkdir build

cd build

cmake ..

sudo make install

cd -L

rtl_power_fftw --version

# If all has gone well you should see:

# tl_power_fftw version: 1.0-beta2

Install Qspectrumanalyzer and dependencies then launch:

sudo apt install python3-pip python3-pyqt4 python3-numpy

sudo pip3 install qspectrumanalyzer

Start VNC server on Dreamcatcher

tightvncserver      (on first run you need enter password)

Log in from client PC and run the spectrum analyzer under VNC


Start analyzer in terminal from VNC client:


#The GUI should now be running. Click 'File' then 'Settings' and change the

#backend to 'rtl_power_fftw'. Enter the desired Start and Stop Frequencies and click


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