Howto: Install OpenWebRX on Dreamcatcher


In the following script we download the Dreamcatcher optimized and pre-compiled files of OpenWebRX from Outernet google drive, made by the author András Retzler. Also (like in the general install) we download and compile the necessary dependencies.

sudo apt-get install build-essential git libfftw3-dev cmake libusb-1.0-0-dev rtl-sdr

git clone

cd csdr


sudo make install

cd ..

curl -L "" > openwebrx-dc.tgz

tar xzvf openwebrx-dc.tgz

cd openwebrx

# Edit OpenWebRX config or leave defaults

nano ../openwebrx/

# Run OpenWebRX


Connecting from client side

First get your Dreamcatcher IP address from terminal:

sudo ifconfig

Note: I’ve been using a USB-Ethernet adapter dongle, this is why “eth0” show up, normally it’s a wifi connection what we are looking for.

Start a browser on the client PC and type:

[Dreamcatcher IP addres]:8073

For example:

This is how it looks like when the client start working:

Note: only a single user can connect to OpenWebRX now (if using 1.2Msps sampling speed like in this example) as the Dreamcatcher CPU gets quickly overloaded and audio becomes choppy. With lower sampling rates users might can have better multi users experience.

More details and help at OpenWebRX website: